Music and Movement: Dinosaurs

Music & Movement: Dinosaurs
February 22nd, 10:15 and 11am

Opening Song: Glad to See You by Peter and Ellen Allard
"When I'm glad to see all of you, I like to clap my hands, stamp my feet, I especially like to shake my hips (wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!), I even like to nod my head, and then I like to see how many times I can blink my eyes."

[Cover]Book: Let's Look at Dinosaurs: a Flip-the-Flap Book by Frances Barry

Song: Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky
Scenes from Disney's Fantasia "depict[ing] the evolution of life on earth, from the beginning of simple life forms up to the dinsoaurs and their eventual destruction" were set to an edited version of Rite of Spring. Stravinsky was the only living composer at the time Fantasia debuted (1940). Information from Wikipedia.

We marched around like dinosaurs for a while until their attention spans were waning.

Activity: Dinosaur Dance
If you like to boogie, if you like to prance,
Let's all do the dinosaur dance!
Stomp your feet from side to side.
Swing your neck out big and wide!
Flap you wings like you're going to soar.
Swish that tail and dance some more.

From 1,000 Fingerplays & Action Rhymes by Barbara A. Scott. Neal-Schuman, 2010.

[I had intended to make a bunch of these dinosaur feet, but decided it was not worth stressing out over either making enough sets for all the kids or figuring out how to make them share when they were super excited about them.]

Song: We are the Dinosaurs by Laurie Berkner
Classic. If you haven't listened to this, run, don't walk to your shelves and look for Whaddya Think of That and enjoy. We just acted out what the song says, marching, eating, sleeping, and roaring.

Flannel Board (or really, paper taped to a board since I ran out of time to flannelize it): Dinosaur Shape Matching (this was a free download at the time, but you can still purchase it from her Etsy shop)

Book: Dinosaurumpus! by Tony Mitten

Song: Hokey Pokeysaurus lyrics by Dennis Westphall
Do the actions in the song. You do things like put your neck plates in, your horn, your skeleton, etc.

Book: How Do Dinosaurs Say Good-Night? by Jane Yolen.
I typically don't do so many books, but there are oodles of dinosaur books out there, and I know these are always so popular. It was a good way to calm and focus everyone after some of the more active items.

Closing rhyme (from the Ames Public Library librarians)
We read a book / We sang a song / Let's blow a kiss / And say so long!
(ASL for book, song, mime blowing a kiss, and wave goodbye for so long)



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