Music and Movement: Hugs & Kisses

Music and Movement: Hugs & Kisses
February 15th, 10:15 and 11am

Opening Song: Glad to See You by Peter and Ellen Allard
"When I'm glad to see all of you, I like to clap my hands, stamp my feet, I especially like to shake my hips (wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!), I even like to nod my head, and then I like to see how many times I can blink my eyes."

Book: Hedgehug: a Sharp Lesson in Love by Benn Sutton


Learn: If You Love Me and You Know It
Clap your hands, blow a kiss, do a dance, give me a hug, say "I Love You" (use ASL), do all five

Activity: Little Red Valentine Game
Little red valentine, I love you (use ASL sign for "I Love You")
Little red valentine, I love you
Little red valentine, I love you
Orange one says, "I do, too!"
(repeat, replacing color words)

I used our Silhouette Cameo to cut large hearts out of colored printer paper, and wrote the color word on the fronts, based on Mollie's version of StorytimeABC's original flannelboard.

Song: I Love It by Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael
Jump, shake, twist, jump

Song: Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John (from The Lion King)
Teach: Feel, Love, Tonight in ASL. We signed, swayed, and sang our way through the song.

Book: All Kinds of Kisses by Nancy Tafuri

Flannel Board: Valentine Tree
I should really do a Flannel Friday post about this sometime, because I haven't see it done exactly like this anywhere, and its always fun to pull it out in the winter and do. The pieces are just a basic tree with branches, and then lots of different colored hearts cut out (enough so each child could have one, or "one for each hand" as my kids sometimes get to do when groups are small).

Valentine, valentine, look and see.
We need hearts for the valentine tree.
Valentine, valentine, look and see.
If you have a red heart,
Put it on a branch of the valentine tree.

(repeat with all the colors)

Valentine, valentine, look and see.
All our hearts are on the valentine tree.

This was left by the previous children's librarian, so I'm not sure who to credit.

Song: Skidamarink by Susie Tallman
Lots of versions of this song have been recorded, but I like to use this one because the third and fourth times she repeats it, she gets faster. Kids think this is just hilarious for some reason. I always tell preschool groups that this song was one I learned when I was about their age and it is one of my favorites. I use the actions I learned way back when at the community preschool I attended.

Closing rhyme (from the librarians at Ames Public Library)
We read a book / We sang a song / Let's blow a kiss / And say so long.
ASL for book, song, mime blowing a kiss, wave goodbye.



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