Music and Movement: Spring!

Music & Movement: Spring!
March 7th, 10:15 and 11am

Opening Song: Glad to See You by Peter and Ellen Allard
"When I'm glad to see all of you, I like to clap my hands, stamp my feet, I especially like to shake my hips (wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!), I even like to nod my head, and then I like to see how many times I can blink my eyes."

Book: Mouse's First Spring by Lauren Thompson
We "wooshed" with the wind

Flannel board: Signs of Spring
This was here when I started. There's lots of animals seeing different signs of spring, like butterflies, frogs coming out of the pond and hopping, etc. We acted out what some of the different signs were.

Song: Spring by Antonia Vivaldi
[Side note: The Classics for Kids site and cd are great. I have used a lot of their material. Some day I'll get around to posting some of my first lessons, which relied heavily on their stuff as I was figuring out what these programs were all about]. I bought plush flowers at Dollar Tree and handed them out to everyone. So we danced around with our flowers until the kids were bored. I also printed off the sonnet that Vivaldi wrote to accompany his concerto and read it while the kids were dancing.

Learn: Spring Stretch from Music with Margie
Tune: "Have You Ever Seen a Lassie"
In the spring, the leaves and grass grow, leaves and grass grow, leaves and grass grow.
In the spring, the leaves and grass grow, and all the trees turn green.
And the wind and the rain blow, and the wind and the rain blow.
In the spring, the wind and grass grown and all the trees turn green.

Full-Body version: Have the children stretch down slowly, with straight legs, then reach up to the sky and sway back and forth. Twist your body when the wind and rain blow. Reach up on tippy-toes at the end.
Sitting version: Tuck arms close to body, slowly curl them outwards into a tree shape. Move hands back and forth in front of body for the wind, wiggle fingers in a downward motion for the rain, repeat growing arms.

Book: Little Cloud by Eric Carle

Song: Floating Cloud from Playtime Parachute Fun
Move the parachute as the song dictates, slowly up and down like a cloud.

Rhyme: Rain on the Green Grass (traditional)
Rain on the green grass,
Rain on the trees.
Rain on the rooftops,
But not on me!

Song: Spring Has Sprung by Frances England
I printed of photographs of bluebirds, daffodils, tulips, brook, butterflies, a mama cow and calf, and trees. I taped a bluebird on one side and one of the other pictures on the other and stuck the whole thing onto a popsicle stick. So when the bluebird verses are sung, everyone has their bluebird facing me, "flying", and they turn it around the hold it up high when their picture is sung. It doesn't work perfectly, ever, but this is such a lovely, peaceful song that I wanted to use it in storytimes and this was the best I could dream up so far. [we didn't have time for this in one of the sections].

Closing Rhyme: (borrowed from the librarians at the Ames Public Library)
We read a book / We sang a song / Let's blow a kiss / And say so long.
Teach sign language for book & song, mimic blowing a kiss, wave for so long.



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