Music and Movement: Under the Sea

Music & Movement: Under the Sea
April 25th, 10:15 and 11am

Opening Song: Glad to See You by Peter and Ellen Allard
"When I'm glad to see all of you, I like to clap my hands, stamp my feet, I especially like to shake my hips (wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!), I even like to nod my head, and then I like to see how many times I can blink my eyes."

I introduced the theme by holding up some plastic sea creatures we had left over from the decorations we used in the teen area for the 2010 water-themed Collaborative Summer Library Program. If my group were a little smaller, I would have passed out a creature for each child during some of the songs.

Activity: Who Lives in the Ocean Game
Guess which ocean creature is hiding under the flaps by lifting them up one by one. Oh the excitement! I used photographs I found via image searching on the Interwebs.

Song: The Goldfish Song by Laurie Berkner
We simply acted out the song. Brushing your teeth under water is quite silly.

Rhyme: Baby Shark
I'm not entirely sure I did this as it is written here. I learned a version when I was a camp counselor that is a little different, so I think what I actually said was a hybrid of the two.

Book: Over in the Ocean by Marianne Berkes / Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins
Again. The littles in the second group got the more age-appropriate story.

For Over in the Ocean I taught them the hand motions Berkes suggests in the back matter of the book.

Activity: Under the Sea
I put on Georgiana Stewart's version of Under the Sea (the Little Mermaid soundtrack was checked out, of course!), blew bubbles, and we danced and shrieked (well the kids did, not the adults) :)

Rhyme: Four Little Ocean Friends (with finger puppets)
Caregivers at preschool storytime (I used the same rhyme this week with them) thought the finger puppets were the cutest things. I was able to find the same finger puppets through Amazon as Katie.

Activity: Five Fish song with shoebox prop
Play Dr. Jean's Five Fish Swimming in the Sea song from the Silly Songs cd and use the fish to act out the song. I used this in baby and preschool storytimes after I made it.

Song: Octopus' Garden by The Beatles
Handed out some green seaweed streamers (my roll of crepe paper to the rescue! See the Leap Day recap for another idea with streamers) and we danced around.

Activity: Under the Sea
I brought out the bubbles again because they begged.

Closing Rhyme: (borrowed from the librarians at the Ames Public Library)
We read a book / We sang a song / Let's blow a kiss / And say so long.
Teach sign language for book & song, mimic blowing a kiss, wave for so long.



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