Stacy at Share & Remember posted about some music and movement activities she did with the preschoolers in her day care related to snow.

She kindly included a printable version of the rhyme and songs they used, as well as her idea for making the cutest snowflake sticks.

Since Wednesday was my first Music & Movement session since November, I wanted to make it special. Her idea spun off into one of the most fun classes I've held since I began offering Music & Movement as a program in October.

Here's my version of the snowflake sticks:

To make them, I used the snapshot tool in Adobe Reader to cut and paste the image of three different snowflakes from Stacy's printable into Microsoft Word. I scaled the images up a bit to make them a little larger and printed them out onto white cardstock. After cutting them out, I ran them through our laminator, and cut them out again. (I'd love to be able to invent a printing, cutting, laminating three-in-one station... think of all the time and sore fingers saved!)

To attach them to the jumbo craft stick that I used for a handle, I used the filament tape we use to tape the plastic dust jacket covers to books.

I found some "fun fur" yarn at the Wal's mart (the deep sea stripes and white) and used a hole punch to make three holes on the top of each snowflake. I tied on small pieces of the fur to decorate. I did not have as much time as I would have liked to make these, so I will go back and add on more fur to make them more full like Stacy's were. I was surprised how much fun fur was in each bundle! I made 40 of these and probably will not need more than one bundle of each color.

To read more about how I used these in my Music & Movement class, see this post.



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