Flannel Friday: Aikendrum

So remember when I was talking about my spatial perception issues? Case in point: this flannel kit. I made it to accompany The Nields' version of the classic song "Aikendrum" from their All Together Singing in the Kitchen album. Their music is the kind that gets stuck in your head for days, you have been warned! 

In their version Aikendrum still plays upon the ladle, the hat is made of macaroni, the shirt of lettuce, pants of dino nuggets (those dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets), a belt of carrots, a tie of broccoli, socks of hot peppers, shoe of banana, and the other shoe of pizza.

I used Microsoft Word and Google to find the images. (Just in case anyone is wondering, yes, that banana shoe is for real). In order to make the hat, shirt, pants, etc., I used a bit of computer magic. I found the background images (like the macaroni and cheese), then put the image of a hat on top. Using the transparent tool from the picture toolbar, I was able to make the interior of the hat transparent [directions here] so the image underneath shone through.

My Aikendrum is quite tall, and just barely fits onto the flannelboard I normally use for programs because I can easily hold it. I found a bigger one I had forgotten about in storage this morning, so I used that instead.

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This week's round up is hosted by Miss Mary Liberry. As always, check the Flannel Friday website, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts for more information and past Flannel Friday creations.



  1. Fun post! Thanks for sharing the directions for how-to make the pieces. I love learning new things!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!
    ~ K ~

  2. I love your version - he's such a cool dude! Thanks for the link to Loons and Quines too!


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