ABC Storytimes- Letter C

Started off today wearing a Conductor's hat I found on clearance for $1 in the party aisle at Target, and bringing out the Choo Choo Train Whistle (yes, it actually says that on the side). Even though we weren't going to talk about Trains, since our letter of the day was C, I've been itching to bust out the train whistle!

Actually read all the books today... yay!

Cover Art for Chicka chicka boom boom Cover Art for What will Fat Cat sit on? Cover Art for The cow who clucked Cover Art for Click, clack, splish, splash : a counting adventure

ECRR2 Activities:

  • Put letters on the Chicka Chicka tree; sing ABCs (Playing & Singing) [There were more kids than letters (we are missing several) so instead of handing out letters, I just held up the tree with the letters on it and sang the song]
  • Pull letters out of the Alphabet Soup pot, practice matching them to the letter of the day (Playing & Talking) Miss Amy had the pot this time, but with the large amount of kids, I elected not to try this today
  • Letter writing practice with the dry erase boards (Writing) Some kids requested we try this, but I knew I didn't have enough boards for everyone, even after adding to my stash after last week. Will be making yet another trip to the dollar store for more!
  • This Little Cow clip-art felt. I did this as Miss Tara suggests on her blog, but my kids were just not into it. The group had a hard time thinking outside-the-box. They kept suggesting the same things the cow just did (eat grass, drink water, etc). So I supplied some of the silly answers, which wasn't my intent. I'll be thinking of ways to encourage some out-of-the box thinking through activities, stories, and crafts.
  • Color Wheel props. My library is in the middle of an RFID tagging process. Inside the boxes of the rolls of tags, there are corrugated cardboard circles with holes in the middle. I've been saving them through the entire process, and used them once this summer for a craft. I found the "Color Wheel Dance" song in my music library and thought up another use. I had one of our awesome Info Clerks paint color wheels on one side, and put steering wheels on the other. We ran them through the laminator (not very successfully), and I used spray adhesive and packing tape to secure the edges.

  1. "Can't Wait to Celebrate" by Jim Gill from Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem
  2. "Color Wheel Dance" by Georgiana Stewart from Learning-Time Tunes [We practiced pointing to the different colors and then danced with our color wheels following the prompts in the song]
  3. "Comic Duet for Cats" by Giachino Rossini from Can You Hear It? [I had the the kids crawling around and meowing like cats during the song]
  4. "Reach for the Sky" by Wee Sing from Wee Sing Children's Songs and Fingerplays
Craft: Plate of Cookies 
The kids cut or tore brown paper into "cookies" and then glued on chocolate chips to make a plate of cookies. I've done this craft a couple times and it is always a big hit.

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