(Not) Flannel Friday: Turkey Number Matching Game

Pretty sure most of October is a big blur. One day I'll get around to updating this blog with all the programs!

I hesitated even posting this idea for Flannel Friday because I can't remember or find where I got the idea from. I really don't think it was something I dreamed up on my own, so if this looks like something you saw somewhere, please let me know who to credit.

Basically the game works like this:

I hand out a clothespin (1-15) to each of the kids. I call out a number and that child comes up and clips their "feather" onto the turkey's body.

The turkey's body I modeled after the turkey in the Turkey Feathers set my predecessor made (you can see it here and here from other Flannel Fridayers). I just used permanent markers to color him onto a paper plate.

This is tricky for some of the smaller ones to do because they don't have the fine motor control or hand strength to do it, but they like to try! 

My storytimes are 0-5, but if you had a 2s or 3s group, you could easily change the matching to letters or colors or shapes. I stuck with numbers so I could have a lot of "feathers."

This week's round up is hosted by Amanda at Trails & Tales. As always, check the Flannel Friday websiteFacebook, and Pinterest accounts for more information and past Flannel Friday creations.



  1. This is a fun game! I bet the kids will like it. I just thought I'd point out that you could make more then one of each color if you're willing to brave multiple kids coming up to the board at once.

    1. Good point, Annie! You could also use the old-fashioned kind of clothespins or the little baby ones to make it easier.

  2. I like this. I'm pinning it to make for our homeschool this month. I think I'll make dots on the clothespins, too.

  3. So I just made one of these for my girls. I used an 11" pizza cardboard circle I had in my "reusables" box and was able to fit 20 clothespins on it. It is good and sturdy, too. Thanks for the great idea!

    1. That's awesome! I'm sure your girls will love playing with it.


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