ABC Storytime- Letter I

We read all the books today! Yay!

Look inside an iglooCover Art for Simply delicious! syndetics-lc

ECRR2 Activities:

  • Put letters on the Chicka Chicka tree; sing ABCs (Playing & Singing)
  • Letter writing practice with the dry erase boards (Writing) [Just ran out of time today!]
These rhymes came from two of the books in my professional collection. Email me directly if you do not have access to the books and you are interested any of the rhymes.
  1. "Can't Wait to Celebrate" by Jim Gill from Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem
  2. "Scoops of Ice Cream" by Debi Derryberry from Very Derryberry
  3. "Reach for the Sky" by Wee Sing from Wee Sing Children's Songs and Fingerplays
Craft: Puffy Ice Cream
This craft was a big hit! I gave each kid a 5oz dixie cup with the glue/paint/shaving cream and a jumbo-sized popsicle stick. They each got to stir their ice cream (after a lengthy discussion about how it was just pretend and not for eating) to see what "flavor" it was. I used fingerpaint paper (big sheets cut in half) and had the cones pre-glued to the paper. The kids used their sticks (and their hands) to put the ice cream on the cone. This craft does take 2-3 days to fully "dry" but it has a puffy texture that feels similar to those craft-foam sheets. I have a bunch families left with me that I moved to some empty shelving in the basement to dry for the week. Enjoy!

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