ABC Storytime- Letter L

In all honesty, I never actually did this Letter L storytime. We had some bad weather, so I read a few llama books to keep us on schedule to end at the right time, but mostly just re-did the Letter K storytime from the previous week.

Cover Art for Llama llama red pajama Is your mama a llama?Cover Art for Life-size farm : horse, cow, llama, rabbit, and more--an all new actual-size animal encyclopedia

ECRR2 Activities:

  • Put letters on the Chicka Chicka tree; sing ABCs (Playing & Singing)
  • Letter writing practice with the dry erase boards (Writing)
  • London Bridge- Use a hula hoop. Sing the song and have the kids walk in a circle on “my fair lady” the hoop catches someone in the circle. Repeat.
  • Puppet & Song: “Did You Ever See a Llama?
    Did you ever see a llama, a llama, a llama?
    Did you ever see a llama go this way and that?
    Go this way and that way, go this way and that way?
    Did you ever see a llama go this way and that?
  1. "Can't Wait to Celebrate" by Jim Gill from Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem
  2. "I Really Love to Dance" by Laurie Berkner from The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band
  3. "London Bridge" by Dr. Jean from Nursery Rhymes and Good Ol' Times [rhythm sticks]
  4. ""Reach for the Sky" by Wee Sing from Wee Sing Children's Songs and Fingerplays
Craft: Llama Coloring Sheet
I found a picture from an online coloring website and added an "L is for Llama" header. Not particularly inspired, I'll admit!

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