Music & Movement: Numbers Freeze Game

Several months ago, I pinned this Numbers Freeze Dance post from Totally Tots (which, by the way, is an awesome site. They're taking a little hiatus, but with 4 years worth of great content, it's still a site to bookmark and keep track of).

I did a Numbers theme in music class this morning, and wanted to try out this activity. So here's how I adapted it a) to be indoors and b) to work for a 0-5 age group.

I just cut letter-sized, colored, printer paper in half. I stuck with numbers 1-6 for simplicity's sake. I don't have a gigantic space, and I wanted to have two of every number so that shy kids wouldn't necessarily have to be a part of a big crowd of kids all racing to find one point. Since some of my kids don't probably recognize written numbers yet, I also added shapes (yes, I realize a squiggle is a line, not a shape, but how often do you get to say "I'm looking for a squiggle" out loud? :)) And for the youngest of my pre-literate lovies, colors!

To introduce the activity, I explained what we were doing, stepping from each spot before we began, first naming all the numbers, then the shapes, then the colors. 

So I would play some random music from the iPad and the kids would mill about. When I stopped the music, I said something like "Can you find the number 2?" And the 3s and 4s would rush to a 2. After a bit I would follow up with "The 2 is red" or "Look for a circle!" until just about everyone got to the right spot.

We followed this activity up with the great Learning Groove song, Dance, Freeze, Melt!

Try it out!



  1. This is great. I am definitely trying it with my music and movement crowd.


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