Flannel Friday: Let's Make a Pizza

This was one of the first flannel board sets I ever made. In the craft drawers at my previous job, I found several sheets of these pizza toppings. I cut them out and covered one side with contact paper and glued felt to the back. The pizza pie I cut from a large sheet of cardboard that came with a poster I purchased. My mom helped me cover it with flannel. This has been a handy little flannelboard to have to take with on outreach visits, but velcro dots don't stick as well to the flannel as they do to felt.

I have enough pieces that all the kids get one for each hand, and then we build the pizza one topping at a time, ending with the pieces of cheese. I have always thought it would be cute to get a pizza box to put the finished product in, but for this time I brought a pizza peel from home and thanked the kids for getting my lunch ready for the oven for me. :)

That orange thing is a 12"/30cm ruler, for scale.



  1. This is very clever. We've created color paper and glue pizzas to take home but I hadn't thought of making it with felt. And to do it with a pizza box too. Excellent! thanks. May stop at the Pizza Parlor tonight!


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