ABC Storytime- Letters UV


(Didn't have time to read One Rainy Day)

Cover Art for Bear in underwear Cover Art for One rainy day Cover Art for I love vacations Cover Art for This is the van that Dad cleaned

ECRR2 Activities:
  • Put letters on the Chicka Chicka tree; sing ABCs (Playing & Singing) [so many bodies!]
  • Letter writing practice with the dry erase boards (Writing)
  1. "Can't Wait to Celebrate" by Jim Gill from Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem
  2. "Drivin' in My Car" by Ralph Covert from Ralph's World
  3. "Reach for the Sky" by Wee Sing from Wee Sing Children's Songs and Fingerplays
Craft: U is for Umbrella coloring sheets
I was planning to have them color these simple sheets I made, and then glue on yarn umbrella handles and use q-tips to make raindrops. Then 41 people showed up. I have spots at tables for 22 kids, 24 if you really squish... so as soon as I saw the crowd forming, I abandoned all the frills and we just colored.

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