Flannel Friday: Five Umbrellas

Minnesota reporting in with a "Feels Like" temperature around 23. Watching the wind whip snow around outside the windows as light rain falls, it seems like poor timing to be posting about umbrellas. But its April! At least the sun is poking out from time to time.

Five umbrellas waiting for rain to pour 
One was picked, and now there are four
Four umbrellas, saying pick me, pick me!
One was taken, and now there are three
Three umbrellas, wondering what to do
One was chosen, and now there are two
Two umbrellas waiting for some fun
One was picked and now there is one
One little umbrella, the rain is all done
He went home and now there are none

Felt Board Ideas is a great site for flannel board inspiration and rhymes! She even includes a video demonstrating this rhyme, and offering suggestions for ways to extend the learning after or before the rhyme.

The umbrellas were created by an awesome teen volunteer, and were inspired by this pin (currently not available from the original source).

As you can see, each umbrella is ~6 inches from tip to tip.

This week's round up is hosted by Courtney at Miss Courtney Meets Bobo. As always, check the Flannel Friday websiteFacebook, and Pinterest accounts for more information and past Flannel Friday creations.



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