Storytime- 5 Senses

Throwback Tuesday! A storytime about our senses (to go with the preschool's theme that week). Which, as it turns out, is a hard theme to plan for squirrely toddlers!

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[tune: The Bear Went Over the Mountain
My (eyes) are made for (seeing).
My (eyes) are made for (seeing).
My (eyes) are made for (seeing).
So I can (see) my world.
mouth...tasting, hands...touching

Continue with the following: ears...hearing, nose...smelling,

5 Little Ducks (traditional)

Use your eyes, use your eyes
You can look and see.
If you have on black shoes,
come and stand by me.
Leader calls out various colors or items of
clothing until all children are standing.

Use your ears, use your ears;
Listen now and hear!
What kind of sound
Do you think you hear?
Leader turns around and makes a sound such as clapping,

sneezing, hiccuping. Kids copy sound.

I'm a Book Baby (Toddlers)
These Are My Glasses (Preschoolers)
Reach for the Sky (Both)



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