Flannel Friday: Candy! Candy!

I waited too long this year to request the pumpkin books I like to read in storytime, so instead I decided to try a candy-themed storytime as my nod to the holiday. It was fun! Picture books about/featuring candy are surprisingly few and far between, but I found some I liked and then went on a hunt for rhymes. These are the two I ended up using on the flannelboard:

5 sticky lollipops,
Fixed on sticks.
Take a sticky lollipop,
and lick, lick, lick!
4, 3, 2, 1.

I found a coloring book image of a lollipop that I liked via Google Image and used the edit picture color option in Microsoft Word to change the color of the lolly.

Candy Bar Countdown 
5 little candy bars,
We wish we had more!
We'll eat the (color/name) one,
Now there are four!

4 little candy bars, 
Tasty as can be.
We'll eat the (color/name) one,
Now there are three.

3 little candy bars,
Only a few.
We'll eat the (color/name) one,
Now there are two.

2 little candy bars,
Eating them is fun.
We'll eat the (color/name) one,
Now there is one.

1 little candy bar,
The last one we see.
We'll eat the (color/name) one,
We're happy as can be!
Yum! (rub tummies happily)

I just Googled for images of the wrappers of 5 different colored candies, printed, laminated, and attached velcro! (We ate ours by colors).



  1. Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing! Now you need to do my toothbrushing storytime, LOL!!

  2. I really like these ideas, and might adapt them to our small-town story times, so the children and I thank you. :)

    I'm thinking that baring peanut or other allergies, I might put a spot of velcro on the back of some fun-sized candies or fruit snacks, and toss one to each child as we eliminate it during the song.

    Fun stuff, Amy. Keep 'em coming. :)


  3. I know, right, Kathryn? I did have more kids than usual that pointed out that we shouldn't eat too much candy. I thought about doing something similar, Amanda, and eventually decided against it, but with the right kind of crowd, that would be a fun idea.

  4. I just jotted these down for our February storytimes! I thought candy would be a good theme for to celebrate just before Valentines Day. Can't wait.


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