Rock, Rattle, and Rhyme: Animal Sounds

Rock, Rattle, and Rhyme is a storytime for 0-36 months. We share stories, rhymes, and songs for 20-25 minutes, and have free play time after.

I gotta give credit to Melissa of Mel's Desk notoriety for this storytime. I switched up a few things to fit with our routine, but she did most of the work!

Sing: Hey, Hey How Do You Do

Rhyme: Open Shut Them

Cover image for Barnyard banterBook: Barnyard Banter by Denise Fleming

Song: When Ducks Get Up in the Morning
I put up different animals on a flannelboard and we sang about them.

Bounce: A Farmer Went Trotting
     A farmer went trotting (bounce baby on lap, facing you)
     Upon his gray mare
     With his daughter behind him
     So rosy and fair
     Then a duck cried out, "Quack!" (lift baby up)
     And they all tumbled down (plop baby back into your lap)
     Off of the horse
     And upside down! (tip baby gently backwards)

Cover image for Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle

Fingerplay: This is Big Big Big
     This is big big big (Hold arms out to side, gradually getting bigger)
     This is small small small (Move hands closer together, gradually getting smaller)
     This is short short short (Hold hands parallel to floor with palms facing each other)
     This is tall tall tall (Reach one hand above head)
     This is fast fast fast (Circle fists quickly)
     This is slow slow slow (Circle fists slowly)
     This is yes yes yes (Nod)
     This is no no no (Shake head)

Cover image for I went walkingBook: I Went Walking by Sue Williams

Rhyme: As I Went Walking to Town One Day... (with puppets)
     As I went walking to town one day (bounce in laps)
     Oh it was a beautiful day (make big sun with hands)
     As I went walking to town one day
     I met a cow along the way.
     And what do you think that cow did say? (Moooo!)
    (Repeat with other animals)

Sing: I'm a Book Baby



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