Rock, Rattle, and Rhyme: Fall

Rock, Rattle, and Rhyme is a storytime for 0-36 months. We share stories, rhymes, and songs for 20-25 minutes, and have free play time after.

Most of the content in this storytime came from Melissa, at Mel's Desk. Thanks!

Sing: Hey Hey How Do You Do

Rhyme: Open Shut Them

Cover image for Chicka chicka boom boomBook: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.

Guessing Game: Little Bird, Are You in the Green Tree?

Rhyme: 5 Little Leaves (with inflatable leaves... sadly discontinued)
     5 little leaves in the tall tall tree
     As bright and pretty as they can be
     Along came the wind
     Blowing all around
     And one bright leaf
     Fell to the ground

     Four little leaves...

Cover image for Max's rideBook: Max's Ride by Rosemary Wells

Flannel Rhyme: Blue is the Sky
     Blue is the sky
     Yellow is the sun
     Silver are the stars
     When the day is done
     Orange is the leaf
     Brown is the tree
     Red is the apple
     For you and me

Parachute Play: Gently play with the chute, then get out the leaves (fake ones I found at the dollar store) and make the leaves dance. Invite children to sit on the chute one by one if they'd like to be tossed with the leaves.

Fingerplay: This is Big Big Big
     This is big big big (Hold arms out to side, gradually getting bigger)
     This is small small small (Move hands closer together, gradually getting smaller)
     This is short short short (Hold hands parallel to floor with palms facing each other)
     This is tall tall tall (Reach one hand above head)
     This is fast fast fast (Circle fists quickly)
     This is slow slow slow (Circle fists slowly)
     This is yes yes yes (Nod)
     This is no no no (Shake head)

Sing: I'm a Book Baby



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