Winter Parachute Play

I had so much fun at the first Parachute Play program I held last fall that I decided to do another one before the next sessions of Little Learners begin. Here's a great example of the best laid plans...

Yesterday after storytime, I charged both the bluetooth speaker I use, and my iPad so they would be juiced and ready to go for the program. The speaker was ready, but somehow my iPad managed to drain itself overnight.

Fortunately, many of the songs I had planned could be sung a capella. I was nervous about being able to be heard over the shaking of the 'chute and squeals of glee, but some of the caregivers piped up to help me as I was waiting for the iPad to charge enough to turn on while plugged in.

So here's what I had planned (and how I fixed it!)

1. If You're Happy and You Know It-- Stand up next to the parachute. The parachute rests on the ground for the first two verses. Clap your hands / Stamp your feet / Lift it high / Shake the 'chute.

(3). Ring Around the Rosie by Caspar Babypants from Sing Along! (Sang a capella 3 times while I was fishing out the power adapter) -- Standing. Walk in a circle and "all fall down."

(2). Alphabet Song by Johnny Bregar from Stomp Yer Feet! (Sang a capella) -- Standing. Shake the 'chute.

(7). Row Row Row Your Boat by Old Town School of Folk Music from Songs For Wiggleworms (Sang a capella-- did twice at normal tempo, once s--l--o--w, and twice fast) --Sitting. "Row" with the parachute, pulling and pushing.

(5). The Snow is Dancing by François-Joël Thiollier from Debussy: Clair de Lune and Other Piano Favorites -- Standing. Pour cotton balls into the middle of the 'chute, make a blizzard by shaking them around. Repeat.

4. Five Little Monkeys by Go Fish from Party Like a Preschooler (Sang a cappella) -- Standing. Toss the monkey puppets onto the parachute and make them jump.

6. Hoki Hoki/Nga Waka by Georgiana Stewart from A World of Parachute Play -- Sitting. Pretend to drum on the parachute.

(10). Jingle Bells and STOP by Carole Stephens from Season Sings (YAY the iPad is finally working!) -- Sitting (I was worried about metal jingle bells flying everywhere if the shaking were not somewhat contained). Listen to the song; shake until it says STOP!

(8). Hot Poppin' Popcorn by The Wiggles from Hot Poppin' Popcorn -- Standing. I cleared off the monkeys, snowballs, and jingle bells and tossed down some crumpled paper "popcorn." Shake.

(12). Angels in the Snow by Georgiana Stewart from Toes Up, Toes Down -- Laying. Lay down on the 'chute. Swish your arms and legs as directed. (note: despite the title, there's no mention of angels in the spoken directions).

(9). Skater's Waltz by Georgiana Stewart from A World of Parachute Play -- Standing. Take off your shoes/boots and glide around on the 'chute like ice skaters do.

(11). Shaky Shaky by The Wiggles from Yummy Yummy -- Standing. Shake the 'chute, fast and slow.

13. Jump Jump by Joanie Leeds from I'm a Rock Star -- Standing. Jump and shake.

*The numbers represent the order I would have done things if the iPad incident had not happened, so that's why things are often out of order.



  1. Such fun ideas that I never would have thought of! Thanks for sharing:)
    Tammy Wathen
    The Resourceful Apple


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