Flannel Friday Roundup, March 7

Okay... take two. Pro tip: put your glasses on before attempting to delete a placeholder post. Accidentally clicked on the roundup one! Ack! So a few of you may have enjoyed the roundup already.. here's my attempt to recreate what I said!

Ideas for Spring:
Kites somehow always make their way into my storytimes in the spring. Kathryn has a fun rhyme she wrote about kites over at Fun With Friends at Storytime.

Itsy Bitsy Mom flannelized the book Hatch by Katie Cox and I know her storytimers will be so excited to see all the animals that hatch from those eggs.

The Library Village brings their take on a Flannel Friday favorite: Rainbow Stew. I like including rainbows in with my St. Patrick's Day storytimes because it relates to the holiday but also allows you to choose quality storytime material.

Christine at Felt Board Ideas shares Five (happy!) Little Shamrocks just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Brooke's Play and Learn flannelboard station features a Mr. Potato Head activity this month. What a fun way to encourage children to play and create story.

A Librarian Less Ordinary shares an idea for colored rice she's been using in her kindergarten and first grade centers.

Animals Galore:
Bridget flannelized her dog. Like her real dog. Seriously. It's amazing. Hi, Chester!

Monica at Ram Sam Storytime has updated her farm animals set. Such a clever and time-saving strategy.

Summer Reading:
Thrive After Three has two ideas for summer reading, a board game and a collaborative book share.

Jane at Piper Loves the Library has several ideas for the Fizz, Boom, Read summer program.

Are you including dinosaurs in your summer storytimes? Storytime Katie has 10 Little Dinos that are a must make!

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