Inspired by Flannel Friday

While nearly all the flannelboards I make these days are something I saw on Flannel Friday, there are two people who, when I see their stuff, I always think, "shoot, I wish I would have thought of that!"

1. Jane at Piper Loves the Library. I envy her artistic abilities. I started backing my flannels with black after seeing some of her posts, like this set of dinosaurs. And another "oldie but goodie--" mice glued to paint stir sticks.

2. Mel of Mel's Desk. Mel has a way of convincing me that flannelizing things like Raffi's song "Thanks a Lot" is a great idea for baby storytime. (Check out her Rattlin' Bog post for another example). Mel also inspires me to want to a)create more original flannels, so that b)I can create and share templates to allow others to recreate the ideas more easily!

But my new favorite, guaranteed hit, flannel comes from SLC Book Boy. This rhyme about turkeys pretending to be other things, coupled with the cartoon-style figures is comedy gold.

This week's round up is hosted by Anne at So Tomorrow. As always, check the Flannel Friday website, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts for more information and past Flannel Friday creations. Are you on the Flannel Friday map? Add yourself via this survey.



  1. Thanks Amy, this is a fun round-up of celebration. There are so many flannels I've missed - it's amazing to see what we all love. Happy Birthday! ~ jane

  2. I, too, love Jane's amazing ability to back her flannelboards. It makes them look so utterly durable and beautiful and I should just invest stock in black felt, shouldn't I?


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