Calling You Bloggers...

In a few weeks, Marge, Amy, Mel, and I are presenting at the ALSC National Institute on Preschool Programming Beyond Storytime. Yay! We're in the process of putting together a Pinterest board of All The Things to go with our presentation, and while I consider myself a pretty well-(blog) read librarian, I know that I've missed things over the years. If you've posted about any of these kinds of programs on your blog, leave a comment letting me know which ones. No need to list specific links unless I can't keyword search your blog :)

I'm so excited to see all of the wonderful, inventive things you are all doing to support our preschool patrons!

-Picture Book Parties
-Dance Parties
-Parachute Programs
-Programs like 1000 Before K but focused on babies (like Baby Book Bees)
-Special Guest storytimes (like this ballet storytime)
-Dramatic play with deposit collections at outreach sites (see this post)
-Theater with preschoolers (like this program)
-Preschool Science
-Obstacle courses/Mazes/Gross Motor Play



  1. I did a series of preschool science storytimes this summer. All are written about on my blog: I think I tagged all with "Science Storytime" and "Fizz, Boom, Read".

  2. This was partly a storytime, but I did a couple of Preschool STEAM programs this summer. I also did a Rainbow Magic Fairy party that had a LOT of preschool-aged kids attend, though it was publicized as a family program.:

  3. This is more passive:

    Early lit program:


    Parachute Games or

    Dance Party or


    Bunny Hop

  4. I just posted about having a Police Officer Storytime:


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