Talk about bang for your buck-- I spent $13 (only because I was out of bubble solution) and 15 minutes at the dollar store, 30 minutes getting ready (because every single bubble container had to have the foil peeled off. Oy!), and 40 or so kids and caregivers had smiles on their faces. Bubbles never seem to lose their magic no matter how old you get.

Here's what I bought:
3-pack Bubbles with wands (4)
32 oz. bottle Bubble Fun Bubbles (1)
Bubble sword (1)
Bubble Fun Bubble Blowers (2)
Touchable Bubbles (2)
Grab-a-Bubble Bubble Storm (2)
Bubble Wand Set- came with 10 different wands (1)

I had 4 different stations set up:

1. Bubble Painting
2. Make Your Own Bubble Wand (using wire I had on hand)
3. Bubble Wands (I just set out a bunch of bottles of bubbles and all the wands I could find)
4. Special Bubble Tools (the bubble sword, blowers, bubble storms, and touchable bubbles)

By far, simply letting the kids blow as many bubbles as they wanted was the most fun. The Touchable Bubbles were also a big hit. You wait a few seconds after you blow them, and then you can catch them in your hands!

I started to have a panic attack when I looked around and saw little white blobs all over the carpet, but they actually wiped up fine with a disinfecting wipe, and I think they would have even just sucked up with the vacuum, but once I started wiping them up I just kept going. I had hoped it would be warm enough to be outside, since Minnesota is having an early spring this year, but it was a little too cool yet this morning. But knowing that they don't stick permanently to the carpet, I would totally use them indoors again. Though I would bring a Swiffer from home to save the knees of my pants next time.

It hardly gets easier than this! Enjoy!



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