Maker Morning: Color

From Loose Parts by Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky, "Children use color as a means for defining and organizing their world. Color represents feelings and emotions" (22).


Mouse paintMouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Ideas for Loose Parts

Scarves, ribbons, fabric scraps, beads, sequins, buttons, paint chips, glass vases, a light table (or box), mirror


Spread a dropcloth or plastic tablecloth on the floor next to a table or shelf. Tape pieces of watercolor paper to the side of the table or to the shelf with painter's tape. Use watercolor paint to tint small cups of water. Place medicine droppers and/or pipettes in the cups. Ask: What happens to the paint when you put it on the paper? 


If you have squishy circuits, see if kids can light a bulb or string of lights with minimal instruction.

Two color mixing, color wheel creation, and more at Inquiring Minds

If you have a space to do wet, messy projects, I love the idea of squeeze bottles of paint, white dishes, and toothpicks from Transforming our Learning.

10 Picture Books About Colors for other read-aloud ideas or display during the program



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