Maker Morning: Investigation

From Loose Parts by Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky, "When children engage in investigations they are involved in asking probing questions, collecting data, analyzing the information, and finding meaningful answers to their original questions." (180)


Image result for if by sarah perry If... by Sarah Perry

Ideas for Loose Parts

Shells, magnifying glasses, bottle caps, paper cups, paper plates, cardboard tubes, crates, large spools, light table, paper clips, magnets, oil drip pan, nuts, bolts, washers, scales, nature parts (twigs, rocks, etc.), balance scale, spring scale, magnets, microscope


Set out a selection of loose parts at each table, along with a variety of tools for investigation (magnifying glasses, scales, levels, etc.)

At another table, set out watercolor paints and paper. Ask: If this is the end... then dream up some more! (Last line of the book).  The idea here is that the kids will create their own "if" patterned after the book, which encourages curiosity and closer investigation, as things are not quite what they seem.


Tissue Box Science

You could do "Can You Fix It" stations at different tables. Also a great sequencing activity!

I like the idea of these magnifying glasses filled with different words for inquiry as a way to prompt caregivers language choices as they discuss and investigate with their kiddo.

Think about a way to include journaling and reflection into the play through the use of unstructured or structured notebooking pages.



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