Top 25 for 0-3 Storytime

Back on May 26, 2018, librarian, Melissa Depper tweeted about an idea she'd been thinking about related to storytime planning. It's simple: compile a list of 40 favorite songs, rhymes, flannel boards, fingerplays, etc. Regardless of theme, concept, format-- just list things you LOVE. Then, look at the list and see what they have in common. How could you sort them? Again, look to see what is NOT the same. What is missing? Step four, tweak your 40 to address gaps and use the info you gathered while sorting to evaluate new ideas as they cross your desk, as well as let go of things that aren't serving your storytime goals.

I did compile a Top 40 for the preschool crowd, but I also wanted to do a list for baby/toddler storytime. Instead of doing 40, I decided 25 was a good amount. I tend to be very repetitive with that age group, so the smaller list doesn't feel restrictive.

1. Open Shut Them
2. Book Baby (I don't think the link to this exists anymore, but I learned it from DPL)
3. Very Hungry Caterpillar Little Mouse style flannel
4. Ten Little Babies flannel
5. Hands are Clapping (I don't sing this, but use the same words as the link)
6. Itsy Bitsy Spider
7. Love Grows
8. I'm a Little Cuckoo Clock
9. Motorboat (I don't use the full body actions shown)
10. Dance Your Fingers
11. Where is Baby with scarves
12. Roll Roll Sugar Babies
13. Roly Poly, Roly Poly
14. Away Up High
15. Baby Hop (from Diaper Gym)
16. Did You Ever See a Baby?
17. The More We Get Together
18. Mama's Little Baby (I do bouncing, and we sing it once with mama and once with daddy)
19. Hop, Hop, Hop Along
20. Polar Bear Play flannel
21. Up, Up, Up
22. If You're Happy and You Know it
23. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
24. Two Little Blackbirds
25. Old Macdonald Had a Farm

What do I notice? Not surprising, if you've read my Top 40 post, there's a lot of songs or sung rhymes here as well. There are also a lot of bounces.

What's missing? I'm surprised more activities with props like scarves, washcloths, or shakers didn't show up on the list! I enjoy using these items, but clearly I can work to incorporate them better. I also don't have many flannelboards on the list. Flannelboards can be challenging to use with this age group, but not impossible!

What do you notice about this list? What would be on your Top 25 or Top 40 for babies and toddlers? Happy storytime planning!



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