Parachute Play

Back in September I held a Parachute Play program for 2-4 year olds. In hindsight, I think ages 3-5 might work better (at least with this playlist) because trying to get lots of 2 year olds to walk in a circle was difficult!

I should also mention that if you are looking for other parachute programs, read Lisa, Anne, and Kendra's posts for more ideas.

At any rate, here's what I did:

1. If You're Happy and You Know it (sung while standing). Verses included: clap your hands, stamp your feet, lift it high, and shake the 'chute.

2. Sally Go 'Round the Sunshine from Carole Stephens' Dancing Feet cd. We walked in a circle slowly and then faster.

3. Five Little Monkeys from Go Fish's Party Like a Preschooler cd. I have 5 Little Monkey finger puppet props that I toss onto the "bed" and the kids shake the chute to make them "jump" on the bed.

4. Alphabet Song from Johnny Bregar's Stomp Yer Feet! cd. We stood, sang along, and shook the 'chute.

5. Ring Around the Rosie from Caspar Babypants' Sing Along! cd. We walked in a circle and then "fell down" like the song says.

6. Now that we were sitting, we pretended to drum on the parachute while listening to Hoki Hoki/Nga Waka from Georgiana Stewart's A World of Parachute Play cd.

7. We stayed sitting for The Wiggles' song Shaky Shaky from Yummy Yummy, alternating from fast to slow.

8. Standing again, we went Moving in a Circle (by Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael on Rockin' Red with the Learning Groove) walking, jumping, and taking baby steps.

9. We sat down to act out Row Row Row Your Boat from Old Town School of Folk Music's Songs for Wiggleworms cd.

10. Next it was popcorn time. As the kids stood up I put some "popcorn" (aka crumpled pieces of white scrap paper) on the chute and the kids popped it up while The Wiggles' Hot Poppin' Popcorn played.

11. The Bubble Squash from Kimbo's Pop Rock Parachute cd was a fun activity to try, but make sure you emphasize the crawling on the floor aspect. One little guy bonked his head dive bombing into the middle. The goal is for the caregivers to make a bubble by raising the 'chute up and pulling the edges down to the ground, and then the kids crawl into the middle "popping" it.

12. Family Train by Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael on Outrageous Orange from the Learning Groove was a fun walking in a circle song.

13. We ended with a fun jump and shake song; Jump Jump by Joanie Leeds on I'm a Rock Star.



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