Star Wars Reads Day 2012

I know... this was back in October... I'm busy, what can I say! Since Star Wars Reads Day will be happening next year, I wanted to post what I did in case any of you out there are looking for some new ideas to try at your Star Wars events. I envisioned my audience to be elementary-aged students, and I would say that was fairly accurate. We had a couple younger ones who needed a lot of help from their caregivers to complete the activities, but everyone who attended had fun.

The event kit provided by the SWRD folks was a great resource and several of my ideas came from there. If there are things you are interested in, email me directly. (It's a massive file so I'll try to split it into smaller pieces based on what your interests are).

I knew I would be setting-up, presenting, and cleaning-up this program by myself, so I chose a station-style format to allow groups to go through the program at their own pace. I also chose activities that were self-guided, or that instructions for could easily be shared, so that people weren't slowed down waiting for me to circulate.

Station 1 and 2: Game Demonstration
We are fortunate to have an independent games store a few blocks from the library. A new Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game was released just before the event, so they sent some of their dedicated volunteers over with copies of the game to run demonstration sessions. They had some additional prizes as a bonus!

Station 3: Fortune Wookies
This was a printable from the event kit that made a Wookie-version of a "cootie catcher" (also known as a fortune teller) I typed up directions and taped them to the middle of the table.

Station 4: Trivia
Again, the event kit provided trivia sheets in two different levels. I printed them on one piece of paper and set out pencils. This wasn't a popular station with the age group that attended.

Station 5: Yoda Ears / Princess Leia Buns
I first saw this idea on Nerd Craft Librarian. (Which is a great place for ideas, btw) Here's a link to the templates I made.

Station 6: Edible Lightsabers
We did this during a Star Wars/Space themed program this summer. I melted almond bark in a small crockpot and dyed it blue with food coloring. The kids dipped pretzel rods into the bark to make the "light" part. I had wax paper and baggies out for kids who wanted to take theirs home instead of eating it.

Station 7: Lightsaber Training
At that same program this summer, we made pool noodle & duct tape light sabers. I ended up with 2 extras, so I set them out with different sized beach balls and the kids tried to see how long they could keep the beach ball in the air by hitting it with their lightsaber.

Station 8: I Spy with My Jedi Eye

This was a self-directed game. I used images from the online Star Wars Encyclopedia and edited them in Microsoft Word to add letters. I had game boards showing the pictures (minus the letters). As they found the pictures (which were taped around the room), they filled in the letters from the pictures. The final saying is "Read You Should!" Completed cards could be submitted for an extra entry in the prize drawing.

Prizes were Star Wars swag that was included in the event kit.

For more Star Wars themed ideas, check out my Star Wars Pinterest board.



  1. Thank you for this post - love the I Spy game and I have shamelessly copied it to do at my library!

  2. I LOVE this! Would you please send me the files for the scavenger hunt? e(dot)honeycutt(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. Hi, our elementary school is doing a Star Wars Breakfast, and I loved the idea of a scavenger hunt. The Star Wars Encyclopedia no longer has the same images of characters. I've searched all over and can't find them on the web. I wondered if you could send the images to me? stephrything(at)gmail(dot)com THANK YOU!


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